We believe Vanadium is the future of energy storage. 

Learn about our Julia Creek Vanadium / Oil Shale project and how to become an investor.


Upcoming IPO

 “Welcome to our website where you will able to find out more information in relation to our upcoming IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). 

We are raising funds for the Julia Creek Project which we foresee as an exciting opportunity for any investor who shares our passion in Vanadium. 

As society places greater significance on renewable energy, QEM firmly believes that Vanadium will play an integral part in the future of the renewable energy market. This is anticipated to be achieved through the increasing demand and use of vanadium redox flow batteries as a viable form of renewable energy storage. 

We are very pleased to have made significant progress on this project thus far and are thrilled to be now on the next stage of this project to ensure the Julia Creek Project will reach its full potential as a world-class mine. 

We look forward to your consideration."

- David Fitch, Executive Director

Overview of QEM

QEM Limited (QEM) is an Australian company which 100% owns three exploration tenements covering 176km² in the Julia Creek area of North Western Queensland, Australia.

These tenements form part of the vast Toolebuc Formation, within the Eromanga Basin. This formation is recognised as one of the largest deposits of vanadium and oil shale in the world.

The Julia Creek Project is strategically located less than 16kms East of the township of Julia Creek and is intersected by the main infrastructure corridor of the Flinders Highway and The Great Northern Railway connecting Mt. Isa to Townsville.

QEM is primarily focused on the large oil shale and vanadium resource and seeks to develop this valuable resource through further exploration, evaluation and development.