Julia Creek Oil-Shale & Vanadium Project

In 2015, QEM conducted an initial exploration program which resulted in a maiden JORC Inferred Resource of 1,326 million tonnes, with an average yield of 0.36% vanadium pentoxide content, and an average oil content of 64.1l/t within the oil shale unit. In addition, other minor metals are also available including; nickel, copper, molybdenum and zinc. 

In March 2018, there was an upgrade to the JORC Inferred resource by 35% to 1,700 million tonnes, with an average yield of 0.34% vanadium pentoxide content.

Crucial infrastructure enabling ‘mine to market’ includes corridor of the Flinders Highway, Great Northern railway line enable transportation to the Port of Townsville. 

Throughout the various studies, there is strong indication that there is a significant opportunity for a world-class vanadium and oil shale mine.


Progress To Date

We have made significant progress on developing the project to date.



Initial techno-economic report completed


Initial exploration complete with large JORC (2012) inferred resource target identified.

Positive metallurgy showing viability of project using known processes for V₂O₅ extraction


Scoping Study for vanadium only completed.

Initial financial modelling complete, showing strong potential for economic viability.

Positive test results using supercritical water for hydrocarbon production from oil shale (ATSE Grant)


Project Implementation Study & Process Design Report.

Acquisition of EPM 26429.

Addition of Daniel Harris to team as Chief Advisor.


Upgraded size of JORC Inferred Resource by 35% to 1,700 million tonnes with high grade target zones at up to 0.74% V205.

Daniel Harris joins QEM board as Non-Executive Director.

MOU signed with Petroteq Energy Inc USA.

Next Steps

There are a number of immediate objectives for QEM to embark on.


Stage 2 Exploration

  • Further 3000m of drilling to upgrade resource from Inferred to JORC Indicated/Measured;

  • Increase resource base with inclusion of EPM 26429;

  • Landowner & stakeholder engagement

Pre-Feasability Studies

  • Advance metallurgical & mineralogical test work;

  • Advance research into processing options & testing;

  • Testing of oil shale at US labs;

  • Petrology analysis;

  • On-site and off-site infrastructure studies;

  • Environmental monitoring & EIA submission;

  • Geotechnical and hydrological assessments;

  • Upgrade mine design & modelling;

  • Preliminary Civil Engineering studies;

  • Processing engineering design;

  • Further develop off-take interest, with potential for long term agreements in discussion



Julia Creek
Queensland 4823

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