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QEM Limited


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QEM begins vanadium drilling at Julia Creek Project
24th May 2019 - The North West Star
QEM - Newly listed vanadium
6th November 2018 – LiveWire Markets
QEM set to mine near Julia Creek
19th September 2018 – The North Western Star
QEM to List on ASX
5th September 2018 – Finance News Network

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QEM Limited


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Advantages of #Vanadium steels when used in vehicle manufacturing. It is important that #steel components in the engine have durability and strength. Vanadium alloyed provides these components with properties to withstand several cycles. Read more

Why is vanadium steel rebars are used in regions prone to having earthquakes? #Vanadium microalloyed steel creates anti-seismic rebars which are safer and more cost effective to use for reinforced concrete construction after an earthquake. #Safety #Strength

Meet the startup building a sustainable alternative to Tesla’s Powerwall via @siftedeu

The #VRFB is mostly unaffected by the temperature in its surrounding environment. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, which may be affected by its environment and as a knock on effect of this it may influence the battery by dropping its charge rate and life cycle.

#VRFB vs. lithium-ion battery. The #VRFB can be discharged completely and maintain no permanent damage to its long term performance in comparison to lithium-ion battery's that cannot be discharges without causing permanent damage.

Australia’s glaring security weak spot

Exciting news from the @IFBFFlowBattery forum with Sumitomo and @ThinkVRB both announcing new #vanadium redox flow battery projects #VRFB

Invinity's Matt Harper speaks to @BloombergNEF about the huge potential for #Solar + #FlowBatteries across North America and beyond. Check out the Q&A here:

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have suggested using chitin, which contains nitrogen in addition to carbon, to produce electrodes for #VRFBs. The team has shown that nitrogen facilitates electron transfer between #vanadium ions.

Vanadium: Down but Definitely Not Out via @@theassay

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