About QEM

QEM Limited (ASX:QEM) is focused on the exploration and development of its flagship Julia Creek vanadium and oil shale project, which covers 249.6km² in the Julia Creek area of North Western Queensland, Australia.

QEM is the only company in the world currently in a position to develop a vanadium and oil combination project, which will progress under the leadership of a management team with extensive resources sector experience.

Vanadium pentoxide is contained within oil shale at Julia Creek, meaning QEM can efficiently reap the rewards of two commodities while only having to drill for one. This enhances margins and drives long-term shareholder value.

The globally significant JORC (2012) Resource of 220Mt Indicated and 2540Mt in the Inferred Category @ 0.30% V2O5 at Julia Creek represents a highly-feasible opportunity for development. The tenements at Julia Creek form part of the vast Toolebuc Formation, which is recognised as one of the largest deposits of vanadium and oil shale in the world.

Additionally, QEM intends to accelerate its strategy to produce green hydrogen at the Julia Creek project site in light of a strong policy environment and an optimal project location.

In close proximity to all major infrastructure and services, the project is intersected by the main infrastructure corridor of the Flinders Highway and the Great Northern Railway, connecting Mt. Isa to Townsville.

This unique world-class deposit will provide QEM with significant penetration of the burgeoning battery market, liquid fuels sector and the Australian steel industry, underpinning the Company’s desire to deliver innovative energy solutions.

For more information on QEM Limited and the Julia Creek vanadium / oil shale project, please see our Investor Centre.

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Our Team

The QEM Board draws upon decades of experience in the resources sector ensuring that the Company is best placed to capitalise on the vast opportunities afforded from the Julia Creek Project.



Mr. Foley has over 30 years’ experience in the resources, financial and investment industries. Graduating in law from the University of Sydney in 1969, Mr Foley was admitted to practise as a barrister in New South Wales in 1971.

He was called to the Irish Bar in 1989 and admitted as a Member of the Honourable Society of Kings’ Inns in Dublin. With extensive business experience in Australia and overseas, his leadership roles have covered a broad scope of senior positions, and his commercial and legal background provides a depth of knowledge and experience to QEM.

Mr. Foley has been a guest speaker at the World Gold Council in New York and was a Director of the Australian Gold Council for eight years.



Mr. Loyden founded QEM Limited after identifying and then leading the acquisition and then development of the Julia Creek Vanadium / Oil Shale Project. He was responsible for the early funding indicatives of the Company, and oversaw the initial exploration program and scoping study, which resulted in a significant JORC resource.

Through his previous private business, Mr Loyden has assisted a range of companies from early stage development through to international stock market listings and has extensive experience in the structuring of capital raising proposals for both private and public companies. Mr Loyden’s advice also covered executive selection, and Corporate Governance advice.  Mr Loyden is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.



Mr. Harris is an accomplished mining executive with 37+ years in all aspects of the resources sector and has held executive roles in companies located in Russia, South Africa, USA and Australia.

Graduating from the University of Nevada with a Bachelor of Science and Chemical Engineering, he has developed a specialisation in vanadium. He currently holds directorships of Australian Vanadium Limited (ASX: AVL), BlackRock Metals Inc. (Canada), Atlas Iron (ASX: AGO), also served as former CEO & COO positions with Atlantic (ASX: ATI).

Mr. Harris brings a wealth of resources experience to QEM and is an invaluable asset to the Company in the exploration and development of its Julia Creek project.



Mr. Fitch was previously the Chief Operating Officer and joint major shareholder of the Fitch Group – a group of companies with assets in excess of $250 million spread across the commercial, residential, manufacturing, retail and hotel industries.

He has extensive experience in strategic planning, commercial negotiations, business operations and asset management, with a particular focus on greenfield development sites for the commercial / retail sectors and residential development.

He is also actively involved as director of BioCentral Laboratories Ltd, a company producing advanced products for the firefighting industry, in addition to dust suppressants for mining and road construction.  Mr. Fitch is also the largest shareholder of QEM.

Community Engagement & Values


We have respect for all stakeholders and conduct business honestly and transparently with a professional approach to all our business.


We value the safety of our employees, stakeholders and community.


We thoroughly believe that we have an important part to play in making a positive difference in our community.

This is achieved through our focus upon these key areas:

  • Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Stakeholder & Community Engagement
  • Indigenous Relations


We believe in working together with stakeholders to deliver better solutions, information and ideas.


We seek to provide strong and sustained value to shareholders through the development of the Julia Creek Project and beyond.


Green Hydrogen and QEM’s Opportunity

Green Hydrogen is pure hydrogen produced using renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power. The wind or solar panels are used to generate electricity for electrolysis of water, rather than a chemical process that creates carbon emissions.

‘A’ grade wind and solar resources in Northern Queensland provides a competitive advantage over other potential development regions for renewable energy and hydrogen production. QEM is well positioned to produce green hydrogen at the Julia Creek project site, due to its optimal location for renewable energy generation.

It is envisioned that this hydrogen could be utilised within the QEM Julia Creek project for the upgrading of raw hydrocarbons into useful transport fuels, with the additional benefit of potentially creating a hydrogen hub for the North West Minerals Province, to align with government’s Clean Energy Corridor proposal, stretching between Mt. Isa and Townsville in North Queensland.
QEM’s advancement of its green hydrogen production strategy comes amid growing investment and interest in the renewable energy source from both the private and public sectors.

Corporate Governance

The QEM Limited Board of Directors has established a corporate governance framework, policies and charters, to support its commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance.


Industry Partners

QEM is proud to be a member of the following industry organisations: